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Manipulate - eliminate the plus box

Posted 10 years ago

Does anyone know how to remove the plus box from the upper right-hand corner of a CDF entirely?

POSTED BY: Stuart Carney
5 Replies

You are interested in the AppearanceElements option. Compare

Manipulate[u v, {u, 0, 1}, {v, 0, 1}, AppearanceElements -> Automatic]


Manipulate[u v, {u, 0, 1}, {v, 0, 1}, AppearanceElements -> {}] 


Manipulate[u v, {u, 0, 1}, {v, 0, 1}, AppearanceElements -> None]
POSTED BY: David Reiss

I have a follow on question - I would like to delete or possibly edit the AppearanceElements of the Manipulators (the sliders) that David's examples produce. Here is a simple example as above:

Manipulate[u, {u, 0, 1},  AppearanceElements -> None]

deletes the + button symbol at the top right of the Manipulate but does not affect the +button at the right hand end of the Manipulator slider. In fact with Mathematica Version running on OS X 10 11.3, some odd symbols appear at the end of the line of Appearance Elements as shown in this screen capture, where I have clicked the +button to expand it into the line below:

odd symbols at end of Appearance elements

I would like to get rid of those weird characters, and all the Appearance Elements except the InputField, but have not found a method, other than assembling a home made Manipulate from components. By the way these weird characters appear in all the Wolfram Documentation that use Manipulators, so in the immortal words of Homer Simpson, "It was like that when I got here".

I am not sure what those weird charadtersare that you show in your image of the Manipulate. They don't appear when I execute it, nor when I display it in the CDFPlayer (as opposed to Mathematica). What operating system are you on? I am on OSX. If they are appearing in a different OS then this should be reported as a bug to Homer Simpson...

But back to your original question... You can also use the AppearanceElements within the individual local variables of the Manipulate like this, for example:

Manipulate[u, {u, 0, 1, AppearanceElements -> None}, AppearanceElements -> None]

Or, in this case, to only get the InputField,

Manipulate[u, {u, 0, 1, AppearanceElements -> {"InputField"}},  AppearanceElements -> None]

Et, voila!

POSTED BY: David Reiss

Thanks very much for this. I did not know you could put Options into the Manipulate variables. This let me simplify my interface as I had hoped, but had no effect on the weird characters which still appear, as this image shows. This is using the latest OS X and reasonably current Mathematica. enter image description here

Strange. Is this showing up both in Mathematica and the CDFPlayer?

POSTED BY: David Reiss
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