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[FSWS23] Tetris for Proteins –Shape Based Molecular Chemistry

Tetris for Proteins Graphical Abstract

POSTED BY: Logan Hallee
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Great work! I see it being very useful in backtracking cases, as in understanding the packing and tertiary structures of proteins in specific well-known cases. I hope you are able to share this work with more people such as Rosetta developers! I really enjoyed your article.

Thanks for the feedback. I'd like to think packing is generally crucial in biology for reasons of conserving space efficiently and enabling effective diffusion etc. alone. I suspect this is a somewhat unexplored criterion for protein function, and I hope the efficiency of packing of two proteins can be related if they interact or not. I'm unfamiliar with Rosetta, I think because I'm more familiar with the NLP approaches. I'll be sure to look into them.

POSTED BY: Logan Hallee
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