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Any plans for CompilationTarget in Cloud?

Posted 9 years ago
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Now that we're talking real money (via cloud credits) for WL execution time, are there any plans to eventually support CompilationTarget -> "C", for example? Even the trivial examples in the documentation show ~7x performance increase.

Speaking to the larger picture, especially for newcomers to WL, it's notoriously easy to write code that performs slowly - how will Wolfram help mitigate this with deployed code?

POSTED BY: Kirk Klobe
2 Replies
Posted 9 years ago

We definitely would like to see CompilationTarget -> "C" supported in the cloud down the road. The limiting factor there is that we currently block both child processes (for invoking the C compiler) and LibraryLink (for arbitrary user-generated LibraryFunctions). You can use Parallelization->True now to speed up certain types of Compile expressions.

To your broader question, note that you can develop your code and measure its performance in a notebook prior to deploying it. Also, now that we have a product focused on programming that incentivizes efficient code, we'll have both better avenues for disseminating best practices and an interested audience for this topic.

POSTED BY: Joel Klein

Is LibraryLink also planned to be supported, along with CompilationTarget -> "C"?

I do not know the security implications, and I can imagine that this wouldn't be possible.

POSTED BY: Szabolcs Horvát
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