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How to import a file from local computer

Posted 10 years ago

I would like to do some text analysis in Wolfram language and I was wondering how I can import a Word document from my computer to start messing with in the cloud. How does one do this?

POSTED BY: Kevin Munson
4 Replies
Posted 10 years ago

found it - I had the documentation tab open, and did not realize that you need to switch to the Cloud Files tab to see the upload button. Your screen dump cleared that up - thanks.


POSTED BY: Achim Luhn

Hi Achim,

that is really curious. I tried again and it works well. I asked one of my students who has a free account to try and that worked as well. Are you sure that you do not have the button shown on the image below?

enter image description here

In the image you see as well that the import of a csv file works easily.

Best wishes,


POSTED BY: Marco Thiel
Posted 10 years ago

I am trying to upload .csv files to WolfraProgrammingCloud trial account, to be able to import them using Import. I don't have the upload icon below my profile icon that Marco mentions above. So what do I need to do to be able to import a local file (I tried the Import with a URL like "file///..." but this does not work)


POSTED BY: Achim Luhn

I might be wrong, but neither doc nor docx formats are currently supported:

In[1]= $ImportFormats

Out[1]= {"3DS", "ACO", "Affymetrix", "AIFF", "ApacheLog", "ArcGRID", \
"AU", "AVI", "Base64", "BDF", "Binary", "Bit", "BMP", "Byte", "BYU", \
"BZIP2", "CDED", "Character16", "Character8", "CIF", "Complex128", \
"Complex256", "Complex64", "CSV", "CUR", "DBF", "DICOM", "DIF", \
"DIMACS", "Directory", "DOT", "DXF", "EDF", "EPS", "ExpressionML", \
"FASTA", "FITS", "FLAC", "GenBank", "GeoTIFF", "GIF", "Graph6", \
"Graphlet", "GraphML", "GRIB", "GTOPO30", "GXL", "GZIP", \
"HarwellBoeing", "HDF", "HDF5", "HTML", "ICO", "ICS", "Integer128", \
"Integer16", "Integer24", "Integer32", "Integer64", "Integer8", \
"JPEG", "JPEG2000", "JSON", "JVX", "KML", "LaTeX", "LEDA", "List", \
"LWO", "MAT", "MathML", "MBOX", "MDB", "MGF", "MKV", "MMCIF", "MOL", \
"MOL2", "MPS", "MTP", "MTX", "MX", "NASACDF", "NB", "NDK", "NetCDF", \
"NEXUS", "NOFF", "OBJ", "ODS", "OFF", "Package", "Pajek", "PBM", \
"PCX", "PDB", "PDF", "PGM", "PLY", "PNG", "PNM", "PPM", "PXR", \
"QuickTime", "RawBitmap", "Real128", "Real32", "Real64", "RIB", \
"RSS", "RTF", "SCT", "SDF", "SDTS", "SDTSDEM", "SHP", "SMILES", \
"SND", "SP3", "Sparse6", "STL", "String", "SurferGrid", "SXC", \
"Table", "TAR", "TerminatedString", "Text", "TGA", "TGF", "TIFF", \
"TIGER", "TLE", "TSV", "UnsignedInteger128", "UnsignedInteger16", \
"UnsignedInteger24", "UnsignedInteger32", "UnsignedInteger64", \
"UnsignedInteger8", "USGSDEM", "UUE", "VCF", "VCS", "VTK", "WAV", \
"Wave64", "WDX", "XBM", "XHTML", "XHTMLMathML", "XLS", "XLSX", "XML", \
"XPORT", "XYZ", "ZIP"}

It might be easier to save the file in plain text format. I just checked, txt files do upload to the Wolfram Programming Cloud. Just click on the upload icon below your profile icon on the upper right.

If you then just type into the notebook:


the notebook will import the text.


PS: BTW, you can also upload, e.g. a docx document, but as the format is not supported you cannot import the text.

POSTED BY: Marco Thiel
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