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algorithm became slow after use of sections/subsections etc

Posted 10 years ago

Hi, I have a mathmatic algorithm producing some odds. I use recursive formulas and memoization in order to optimise my algorithm speed and performance. My current version (mathematica 8.0.0) runs in about 3.30 seconds. Then, I tried to improve my code aesthetics and introduced sections/ sub section etc in order to become more productive, with less scrolling and better browsing experience toughout the lines. nevertheless my algorithm become slower. Particularely it takes up to 4.80 sec to run the complete notebook. Furthermore I realized than once a group/ subgroup is closed, algorithm does not run (supposing that i choose to run only this group) unless i choose all my groups (cntrl+shift+A) and run them all with 1 step.

Do you know how to overcome these problems? Are these behaviors rational? Any way to improve speed? Thank you in advance.

POSTED BY: Tom Zinger
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