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plotting gamma distributions

Plot[Evaluate@ Table[PDF[GammaDistribution[[Alpha], 2], x], {[Alpha], {1, 4, 6}}], {x, 0, 20}, Filling -> Axis]

  • THIS IS THE COMMAND FOR PLOTTING GAMMA DISTRIBUTION FOR BETA=2 AND ALPHA=1,4,6. I want to plot gamma distribution PDF for a given set of values of

    (alpha,beta)= (0.31938, 267499.1829) , (0.31867 , 268469.9998)

How can i get the two distributions on the same graph? i need have around 10 such sets..

Posted 10 years ago

[ ] and { } and ( ) are completely different in Mathematica. Using one when Mathematica expects another will cause great confusion. I have made a number of changes to try to get this to work. Is this now correct? Does this solve the first part of your problem?

Plot[Evaluate@Table[PDF[GammaDistribution[Alpha, Beta], x],
 {Alpha, {0.31938, .267499, .1829}}, {Beta, {0.31867, .268469, 9998}}], {x, 0, 20}, Filling -> Axis]

Entering example Mathematica code on separate lines, highlighting that with the mouse and then tapping Ctrl-K will keep the forum software from doing some damage to your code.

POSTED BY: Bill Simpson
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