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When will we be able to edit our Profile pic?

Posted 12 years ago
When will we be able to edit our Profile pic?
POSTED BY: Luc Barthelet
3 Replies
Soon.  I just  put something in testing now so that the backend stuff will work.  I think there's some UX kinks still to work out though.  
POSTED BY: Chad Minick
It would be nice also to be able to list which product one might be proficient at, or even own a license.
Like webMathematica, Workbench, SystemModeler, etc...
Obviously one can do that in the text section, but a structured way would be more reliable.
POSTED BY: Luc Barthelet
This is a great idea and it was discussed and planned for implementation. It will come in a later development cycle due to line of essential features we need to implement first. 
POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov
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