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I'm a little confused on how wolfram language could be applied to robotics,

Posted 10 years ago

Ok sorry if this is a newbie question I have had very little programming experience, but how could wolfram language actually work with a robot?

As far as i understand the reason wolfram language is able to work the way it does is because is has access to a huge set of data that can easily be used as a variable in a program. So what happens in the case of a robot that doesn't necessarily have access to those data banks? Can someone please explain this to me? Is it possible to create an offline application?

3 Replies

A robot, or other off-line application in WL, would not be required to access the curated data. The data is available for applications that need it.

A robot would mostly be using data from its sensors, cameras, etc. Calculations would include trig (for moving its arms) and data fitting to likely distributions, which WL has built-in.

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller

Does the robot have wireless connection? If so, the Wolfram language can access the cloud very easily in that case. If the robot can not communicate with the outside world, that will make it hard to use/access external data in real time so it will not work in that case.

POSTED BY: Nasser M. Abbasi
Posted 10 years ago

Wouldn't that still require a very high speed wireless connection?

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