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Create your own Telegram GPT3.5 bot

Posted 1 year ago

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Kirill Belov
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Posted 1 year ago

I made a small mistake in the article. In order for the TelegramBot package to work, you need to install an additional package that it depends on. Since I had installed it a long time ago, I just forgot about it. I have made a correction to the article. To all who used the original version and read this comment, I have a request to update all the code.

POSTED BY: Kirill Belov

I get this error when I try to run it:

<< KirillBelov`TelegramBot`

Get::noopen: Cannot open KirillBelov`Objects`.

Needs::nocont: Context KirillBelov`Objects` was not created when Needs was evaluated.

Am I missing something?

POSTED BY: Luc Barthelet
Posted 1 year ago

Sorry! I didn’t test it in pure system. Please install this:

POSTED BY: Kirill Belov

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