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Interrupt Evaluation in Mathematica 10

Posted 10 years ago

Interrupt Evaluation is missing from the menu of Mathematica 10! It's also one of my most-often used procedures in version 9 whereby I save partial results in long-running programs. How do I now interrupt an evaluation? How do I continue it?

POSTED BY: Hans Havermann
4 Replies

You are right, Interrupt Evaluation is not there any more, but I see in its place something called Remove From Evaluation Queue. Did you try that? May be that is supposed to replace it?

POSTED BY: Nasser M. Abbasi

In a new line, one keyboards the variable(s) one wishes to inspect. Select that cell and pick Evaluate in Subsession from the Evaluate menu. I think that's all (no need for Return[]). Makes sense and is better than what was before. I always hated the fact that Interrupt Evaluation was immediately above Abort Evaluation. A slight misstep and you were done for.

POSTED BY: Hans Havermann

Remove From Evaluation Queue has been there previously. Its purpose is, when you have multiple cells in the evaluation queue to execute but you want one or more of them to be removed before it evaluates (while another one is in the midst of a, possibly long, evaluation). It does not interrupt the current evaluation.

POSTED BY: David Reiss

The key binding for Interrupt Evaluation should still work, e.g. Opt-Cmd-. on OS X.

POSTED BY: Ilian Gachevski
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