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[R&D] Wolfram R&D LIVE: Building a video game with Wolfram notebooks

Posted 7 months ago

MODERATOR NOTE: This is the notebook used in the livestream "Building a video game with Wolfram notebooks" on Wednesday, May 10 -- a part of Wolfram R&D livestream series announced and scheduled here: Subscribe to @WolframRD on YouTube for more livestreams, exclusive VODs, creator presentations, behind-the-scenes insider videos, and so much more.

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POSTED BY: Kevin Daily
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Posted 7 months ago

Dear Kevin,

I saw your talk in the live session, very nice, thank you! You showed how you can use a gamepad to produce input to the Wolfram Language. I wonder whether it also works the other way around: can you use Wolfram Language code to produce vibrations in the gamepad at will at specific moments?

Best regards, Ruben.

POSTED BY: Ruben Fossion
Posted 4 months ago

I really appreciate it too. In the case of the Wolfram Language, it doesn't have built-in functions specifically designed for gamepad haptic feedback. However, it may be possible to utilize external libraries or system calls to achieve this functionality. You can also get some games ideas at cheatcommands. For example, if you are working on a Windows platform, you could potentially use the .NET framework and its APIs to interface with the gamepad and control vibrations.


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