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default font in graphics of Mathematica 10

Posted 10 years ago


I have switched form Mathematica 9 to 10. In 9, the default font used in all the graphics was Times. Now, in 10, it is Helvetica (or another font?). Is there a way to tell Mathematica to keep using Times for all the graphics in future! instead of having to use syntax in each graphic command, to change the font to Times?

thanks, -Ali

POSTED BY: Ali Tabei
6 Replies

All good points Roberto: Thanks for the reply. I tend to take the more cautious route with these things. Also one thing to keep in mind is that sometimes altering things that Wolfram sets up in non-editable style sheets can have unintended consequences. An example is voiced in the discussion in this thread:

POSTED BY: David Reiss

David, I agree with you, there are some side effect modifying any of the Mathematica' system file. However, such changes are in general very easy and users may want to adjust their own copy. As you suggest, the same change can be done in a private stylesheet, but this means the changes have to be done for any new notebook or, if you save a personal stylesheet, you should associate the new stylesheet to any new notebook. Finally, it is also possible to set the new default stylesheet to be your own stylesheet, but all these alternatives will still have the issues you are referring too: other people will not have your personal stylesheet on their machine or a new Mathematica version will require the same operations.

Although this may be doable, I'd strongly advise against it. The best approach is to make an appropriate modification in a private style sheet of a notebook. If you modify Core.nb and then share a notebook with someone else, they will not see what you intended. Also, the next time you update Mathematica the Core.nb will not be the one you modified as the new Mathematica will come with its own differing version.

POSTED BY: David Reiss

Another way is to apply a change to the native Core.nb Stylesheet. Note that normally this document has two options not allowing its modification. These are basic steps: 1) open folder where system's stylesheet are installed. In window it should "C:\Program Files\Wolfram Research\Mathematica\10.0\SystemFiles\FrontEnd\StyleSheets" 2) open the Core.nb file with Mathematica 3) Open Option Inspector and set "Show option values" on "Core.nb" and 4) search for Editable and set the value to True, search Saveable and set the value to True and close the Option Inspector 5) in the Core.nb search for the section "Style for Mathematica System-specific Elements" 6) then search for the subsection "Default Box Styles" 7) search for style definition named "Graphics" 8) change FontFamiliy to "Times" 9) close and save the Core.nb 10) Open Core.nb once again and set Editable to False (Saveable option cannot be set back to False).

This should work for all new notebooks.

From now on we may need to give Graphics the option BaseStyle -> {FontFamily -> "Times"} to get the old fonts.

Alternatively, give your notebook the Default_8.0 stylesheet, and the fonts in its Graphics will be the same as they used to be in the old days throughout that notebook. The Default_8.0 stylesheet is buried inside the $InstallationDirectory/SystemFiles/FrontEnd/StyleSheets. Have a look at the documentation on ref/menuitem/Stylesheet.

POSTED BY: Gianluca Gorni

I wish I could curb (at least for my own material) Mathematica's drift toward sans-serif fonts everywhere. I find them a big step backward in legibility.

POSTED BY: Gianluca Gorni
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