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QuantileRegression package doesn't work

Posted 10 years ago


I am new in Mathematica. If someone could help me to run/load package on my project. I downloaded QuantileRegression.m from What should I do to work with it (Mathematica 9 and 10)?

I put this code to may notebook:

Needs ["QuantileRegression`"]

It finds me QuantileRegression.m file location but gives me an error:

Syntax::sntx: Invalid syntax in or before "<!DOCTYPE html>" (line 6 of "QuantileRegression`").
Needs::nocont: Context QuantileRegression` was not created when Needs was evaluated. >>
POSTED BY: szczotka

It seems you have downloaded or saved the package file in such a way that it has HTML text in it.

If you download the file in the following way it should load without errors:

  1. Go to the page of the file you want to download from GitHub.
  2. Click it to view the contents within the GitHub UI.
  3. In the top right, right click the Raw button.
  4. From the browser File menu use "Save as..." and save as "*.m"

You might find this discussion helpful:

(I am sorry for this very delayed reply. I saw this post by accident...)

POSTED BY: Anton Antonov
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