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NDSolve & IVP DIFFeq HELP :(

Posted 10 years ago

Hey guys!! doing my math homework and I cannot figure out how to use NDsolve...and When I looked at my friends graph of their behavior it looked completely different than the one I got so I deleted all of my work and now I turn to you math gurus to help me :(( I also had her explain to me the behavior of the solution over the interval and I pretended to understand what she said but I still don't understand question (c). Thanks for your help guys <3

  1. Consider the initial-value problem (IVP) y'= cos(x) ? e^?y, with y(1) = 0 The Mathematica command DSolve fails with this problem (try it if you wish to see by yourself!), but there is the option to use the command NDSolve, which uses special numerical algorithms to approximate the solution over an interval. (a) ?nd the solution y = f(x) with NDSolve, over the interval 0 ? x ? 2. (b) Graph f(x) on the interval 0 < x ? 2. Which part of the graph shows the initial condition? (c) Describe in words the behavior of the solution over the given interval. What is happening near x = 2? What happens with the computation of solution if the interval is extended to x = 3?
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POSTED BY: Nasser M. Abbasi
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