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Astronomical Algorithms by Jean Meeus...a package.

Posted 10 years ago

Hi, I know the fact that Mathematica do all of this but just in case you don’t have a internet connexion (in the field one night…) I offer you my summer work on programming the Astronomical Algorithms by Jean Meeus. I call my notebook « AstroLab.n » and my library is call « AstroLibrairie.m ». I am french canadian from Montréal Canada, so I mix english and french. My book is in english so all the functions names are in english but my notebook is in french (You can change all that…). You have to import the package (the library) and run the function Initialisation[] for the use of the package in your notebook or use the AstroLab.n notebook. You will have to change the path of the package to be able to run the library. After that, go to Evaluation Menu and click Evaluate Initialisation cells. You will be ask for your location, timezone, summer time and DeltaT. You can change the suggesttions because this is my home geolocation.
After that, you are ready… For exemple if you want to know the azimuth (from North) and altutude of Venus live, you enter

PlanetAh[{"Venus", FromLocalTimetoUniversalTime[ListNow[]]}]

and Voilà. I don’t make all the programs in the book but you can continue this work it is easy on Mathematica and very cool Note If you want to check for precision, put zero « 0 » in DeltaT at the initialisation, so the time will be Terrestrial Time and you will have the results of book like « The Astronomical Almanac » If you have comments, please let me know…I will try to ameliorate. This is my first programming experience with Mathematica so … Marcel

POSTED BY: Marcel Pelletier
6 Replies

Bonjour Michael!

Après avoir ouvert le document AstroLab.nb, il faut choisir "Evaluate Initialization Cells" sous l'onglet "Evaluation" .

Le programme vous permettra d'entrer votre position terrestre ainsi que le choix d'heure avancée ou non. Attention, le chemin d'accès de la fonction "Get" dans la section "Initialisation du document" devra être modifiée pour votre ordinateur!

Une version plus récente de ce programme sur Ti-Nspire CX ou CX CAS ou CX ii ou CX ii CAS existe chez Ti-Planet. Il s'agit de la version 5 de mon programme.

Je vous souhaite une belle journée!


POSTED BY: Marcel Pelletier

Astronomer amateur would like to communicate with Marcel Pelletier about Jean Meeus Astronomical Algorithms "online". This is to be able to use those calculations. I am not willing to program those using "Python" for example. I can communicate in French if it is more convenient. How to open those attachments? Merci! Michael

POSTED BY: Michael Fontaine

Hi Vick! In the Initialisation section of the document, change the path in the Get function. Marcel

POSTED BY: Marcel Pelletier
Posted 5 years ago

Hi, how to change the path of the package?

POSTED BY: vick ratnam

Hi, I know the fact that all Pelletier have a commun ancestor... but no, I don't know him. Marcel.

POSTED BY: Marcel Pelletier

Thanks! Are you in any way related to Gregg Pelletier? By sheer coincidence I was referring to his astronomical functions in Excel in my recent question about SunPosition (a few posts into the thread).

POSTED BY: Sjoerd de Vries
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