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[WSRP23] Generating animated guitar tutorials

Fretboard with F chord

POSTED BY: Nikhil Mani
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Very well explained, thorough, and cool project, good job!

POSTED BY: Zoya Brahimzadeh
Posted 11 months ago

Excellent presentation!

Did you look at any spatial customizations to the FretBoardGraphic to make the orientation obvious? I thought of having the low E string be a bit thicker, the middle strings be middling, and the high e string be a bit thinner. This would be completely unnecessary for experienced musicians, but newbies wouldn't have that instant recognition. A few years ago, Skeuomorphs were used in iOS design elements; they make the design look a bit friendlier and more organic. That might be a nice thing to try here.

POSTED BY: Phil Earnhardt

OASIS and Stairway to heaven!!! Extremely cool project

POSTED BY: Navvye Anand

I wanted to do exactly this to help myself and my kids. You saved me big time. Thank you!

POSTED BY: Ahmed Elbanna

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