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Many documentation and knowledge-base links became broken recently

Posted 10 years ago

Many documentation and knowledge-base links became broken recently. It happened many times in the last few days that I searched for a topic with Google, got a hit in the Mathematica documentation, but the link turned out not to be valid any more. The same is the case with the support articles.

Google will update its database eventually, but many of these links are from Wolfram Community or Mathematica.StackExchange and it would be very valuable to keep them working. (Most old documentation links do work, but some are broken.)

Here's an example of a support article that is references many times on Mathematica.SE and now the link to it is broken:

This is a Google Cache link that still works today (but not for long).

POSTED BY: Szabolcs Horvát

Thank you for the warning.

For your specific example, the URL has changed—from to I do not know why. Forwarding links are going in, where URLs needed to change.

The changed URLs might be a side effect of the large number of new Support Articles needed for Wolfram Programming Cloud and Mathematica 10. For whatever reason(s) they occurred, the changed links are being tracked down and repairs made.

My apologies for the inconvenience.

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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