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triangulation in delayed loudspeakers

Posted 10 years ago

Hi everybody,

I could use some help with the following situation.

Two physically displaced speakers need to arrive on time, in order to achieve summation, for a given position (green dot) within a listening plane (orange dashed line).

To compensate for the difference in path length ergo time (speed of sound) electronic delay is added to the closest speaker.

But when the temperature changes, so does the speed of sound and the same amount of electronic delay won't be suitable anymore.

What I'm trying to calculate is the new position WITHIN the constraint of the listening plane (constant height of both speakers, listening plane and position) AFTER temperature change with the INITIAL AMOUNT of electronic delay.

By observation I know that the point moves to the left when temperature drops and to the right when temperature rises.

At the original position there will be misalignment and as a result comb filtering and the new synchronized position has moved.

AFAICT there's only one solution within the constraint of the listening plane where the time-of-flight to the farthest speaker equals the time-of-flight to the nearest speaker PLUS electronic delay AFTER temperature change.

Your help is sincerely appreciated!

delay triangulation

POSTED BY: Merlijn van Veen
3 Replies

Would you post the Mathematica code that you have tried thus far to solve your problem? If this is not a Wolfram Language question, note the comment to the following post by the Moderation team:

POSTED BY: David Reiss

I stand corrected. Sorry for the inconvenience and hijacking the forum.

My sincere apologies.

POSTED BY: Merlijn van Veen

No Problem. It is easy to assume that Mathematica means that it is a general mathematics forum ;-)

POSTED BY: David Reiss
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