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Input of sensitive data in Wolfram Cloud

Posted 10 years ago

Dear Wolfram community,

I would like to know what happens to the data uploaded to wolfram.

I would be interested in uploading excel files containing genomic information obtained during clinical trials in order to run some fast analytical processes by using wolfram computational power.

As you may imagine and surely understand, despite being anonymous and curated from any direct link to the patients from whom this information was obtained, this type of data remains sensitive and I am therefore interested in clearly understanding its "fate" once uploaded.

Can it be deleted in order to prevent any further queries on this data? Can it be password protected? Is there a secure way of uploading it to wolfram?



POSTED BY: Paul Simon
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One cloud credit is more or less worth 100 ms of CPU time:

One email is 10 credits.

Cheers, M.

POSTED BY: Marco Thiel
Posted 10 years ago

But what is the relation of a cloud credit to computational power, or rather energy (power * time).

.1 credit = N hours on 4-core i7

POSTED BY: Douglas Kubler
POSTED BY: David Reiss

Input of sensitive data in Wolfram Cloud

POSTED BY: Fred Klingener

Sorry about this, but I just can't get the Community editor to do anything sensible. I tried to respond to David Reiss' post, but my message text was deleted and the text of the original post was substituted. I tried to edit my message to blank it out, but the editor refuses to clear it or delete the message.

I think I'll forget the whole thing.


POSTED BY: Fred Klingener
Posted 10 years ago

I don't have a definitive answer other than to suggest you encrypt the data before uploading and feed WA decrypted data dynamically. But that doesn't address the issue of the output. Is the output sensitive?

But why upload? A feature of Wolfram Cloud is sharing data or results over the net. When you say wolfram computational power is there any evidence that it is better than wolfram or mathematica running on a local PC?

Can anyone tell me the power or cost of Wolfram Cloud relative to a desktop?

POSTED BY: Douglas Kubler
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