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How to get satellite image for different time?

Posted 6 months ago

I have a code to take a satellite image with known coordinates, how can I take an image for year 2022?

image = GeoImage[GeoPosition[{37.668317, -106.203445}], 
  GeoZoomLevel -> 10.75, ImageResolution -> 200]

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Erfan Abdi
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We currently don't have built-in access to satellite imagery by specific date. Our satellite imagery is obtained via Mapbox, and they do not give information about the date in which each image was taken (as far as I know), so we cannot pass along that information either.

If you have access to an alternative service that provides satellite imagery, it should be easy to access it from your Wolfram Language session, by passing the service key via the GeoServer option.

Thanks for the confirmations Jose. If the information ever becomes available, it would be really useful to know when the available satellite images were captured. Here's hoping... All the best, Ian

POSTED BY: Ian Williams
Posted 6 months ago

Thank you Mr. Jose, I hope it will be possible in the near future

POSTED BY: Erfan Abdi

This relates to an issue I’ve had using the satellite images. Which is, I don’t think there’s any way of extracting the date/time when the image was captured. As far as I’m aware, Wolfram uses MapBox as its data source for satellite images. And I think the images are updated periodically. As a minimum, it would be useful to somehow time stamp the images.

POSTED BY: Ian Williams
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