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DynamicModule doesn't update in Cloud after an input, but it does on desktop

Hi community.

I developed this small demonstration to teach polar coordinates to my students. Locally in my computer everything works super well and in the wolfram cloud I just observed a little non functionality. If I type a polar function to include its plot the program works fine, but if I start typing a constant function like f(t) = 2, and then add Cos[2t] to obtain f(t) = 2 Cos[2t] (for example), the program in the cloud does not update the polar plot. This doesn't happen locally in my computer


If I do this in the reverse order, that it, first type Cos[2t], and then type 2 Cos[2t] it works fine.

Does anyone know why this happened?

Here the link to see the program in Wolfram Cloud:

POSTED BY: Diego Ramos

Finally I fixed the bug. I replaced the control

{{grafica,,"}, ControlType-> InputField, ...}

by its Dynamic form

Column[{InputField[Dynamic[grafica], String, 
   FieldHint -> "ingrese una funciĆ³n polar. Ej: Cos[1.2t]^2", 
   ImageSize -> 250, BaseStyle -> 12]}]

and use ToExpression where I use "grafica". One can compare with the previous version in the question of this post.

POSTED BY: Diego Ramos
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