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Trying to access whether Wolfram products can be used to make professional level art

Posted 7 months ago

I'm interested in Wolfram because I want to use Neural Nets and ML for creative purposes and from what I can see its probably the most powerful tool out there (conceptually at least) but this isn't useful if I can't make art with it. While there are examples that show the power of Wolfram language, as a professional artist I want to know how I might use this potential in a practical way. Can I use a Wolfram product to make sound installations like I do with Max MSP for example. Can I generate high res images for data projection? Can the audio work in real-time and integrate with a Mac audio system? What is the quality of the FFT conversions, audio compression and audio filtering etc etc. Can I use Wolfram products to communicate with a DAW for example using the audio manager or a system like Jack I/O? I don't necessarily expect specific answers to these questions - I'm wanting to assess how useful Wolfram stuff is generally speaking.

Are there other artists out there wanting to use Wolfram products in a serious way and not just the "lets have fun with audio" kind of way - ditto for images and video?

So comments suggestions, examples of work would be great. Thanks

POSTED BY: Peter Mcilwain
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