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how to change Suggestion Bar language setting

Posted 10 years ago

Somehow my Mathematica Ver. 9 uses non English language in Suggestion Bar. I would like to change Suggestion Bar language back to Enlish. I can not change it through Edit>Preference method. How do I do it ?


Regards jg

POSTED BY: jason gao
3 Replies

I don't believe there is a specific option for language used in the Suggestion Bar.

You can however find options for the over-all language used in your copy of Mathematica in the preferences dialog.

The preferences dialog can be found in Edit > Preferences on Windows and Mathematica > Preferences on Mac.

In the preferences dialog under "Interfaces" you will see an option to change the default language used by Mathematica.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
A developer offered,

I would expect the language for the Suggestions Bar to be the same language that is set in the Preferences dialog, which is the same language that is set in the Options Inspector in the Global scope, which is the same language that is set by this command:

CurrentValue[$FrontEnd, Language] = "English"

Note that you have to restart the front end after changing this setting.
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
Posted 10 years ago

thanks for the suggested solution. It has now been fixed.

POSTED BY: jason gao
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