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Wolfram U Webinar Series: New in Wolfram Language 14

enter image description here Wolfram U is hosting a webinar series on the new and improved functionality in Version 14 of Wolfram Language! The opening webinar will present a high-level overview of all the new features, and each of the following webinars will be presented by developers from the Wolfram R&D and Wolfram|Alpha Scientific Content groups who have been working on the new and existing functionality.

January 17, 2024: Overview of What's New and Improved in Version 14

@Jon McLoone will show how Wolfram Language 14 can use LLMs as well as how LLMs use Wolfram Language, along with some of the core language improvements that make development more efficient and additions to the Wolfram Knowledgebase.

January 24, 2024: Mathematical Computation in Version 14

@Devendra Kapadia and his team will demonstrate the latest features related to calculus and control systems, finite fields and their applications and matrix computation. The webinar will also include examples of dramatic performance improvements for numerical equation solving and symbolic summation.

January 31, 2024: Enhanced Graphics and Image, Audio and Video Computation

@Brett Champion will cover enhancements that enable you to create visually compelling graphics with decorative effects like haloing and dropshadowing, as well as mapping textures onto whole surfaces. @Shadi Ashnai and @Markus van Almsick will talk about what is new in image, audio and video, including an overview of the new advanced features for computation with images, audio and video as fundamental objects.

February 7, 2024: The Ever-Expanding Wolfram Knowledgebase and Astro Computation

@Keiko Hirayama and @Jason Biggs will talk about exciting new additions to the Wolfram Knowledgebase, from new computable information about biological organisms to data for chemical computation. @José Martín-García will cover major new astro capabilities of Wolfram Language providing precise positions of planets and moons, rich star maps and detailed information about thousands of solar eclipses.

You can register to attend this four-part series HERE.

Sessions will start at 1pm Central Time every Wednesday from January 17 to February 7.

Even if you can't make a live session, registering for the series means you'll get a link to the recordings delivered to your inbox. We hope to see you there! enter image description here

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Posted 6 months ago

Dear Abrita,

Thanks for the invitation.

Unfortunately, the link to the BigMarker page is convoluted and should be:

POSTED BY: Dave Middleton

It should be fixed now Dave. Thank you!

POSTED BY: Ahmed Elbanna
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