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Wolfram Cloud for Business and Database Connection

Posted 10 years ago

Wolfram Cloud is a very exciting way to spread out Mathematica use. Now, new users can taste it a more complete form, in a way that was not possible before it existence. But IMO, to be more aggressive in market share, and go beyond just new users, It would be nice to have a deep use of it in corporate world, for small and big companies.

Here is my point. To be possible to compete in business, Database Connection is a "must have" tool that is only available in Private Cloud at the present WC stage, as is stated in Wolfram Programmin Price.

It's difficult to start at Private Cloud, without the option to show/test what can be done before buy it. I miss a more gradual transaction possibility between plans. I complete external database access in Developer or Producer stage would be great.

Imagine that I want to automate some live wolfram cloud cdf reports, using cool charts and projections that cannot be done in Excel, using information of my company DB to be sent by email, direct from the WC, ever monday. There is no way to use present model of WC to do that, and I believe it would be nice to have this possibility. The migration to Wolfram Private Cloud would be a natural next steep, to solve security issues about data access.

I know that WC is just in the beginning, and that there is a lot to be done. I hope to see these new possibilities coming soon.

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POSTED BY: Rodrigo Murta
2 Replies

My short-term answer is that the Data Science Platform will be the tool you need if you want to schedule reports, require robust database connections, dashboards, etc. Long-term . . . you are correct. As we improve the base features, reduce the number of bugs, and release advanced features we will also re-evaluate the plans/features as they are currently configured.

Thank you for making these points, this is definitely a conversation worth having!

POSTED BY: Clayton Voyles

@Clayton tks for your answer. Good to know that these points should be covered by Data Science Platform.

O hope to see you in WTC2014.

POSTED BY: Rodrigo Murta
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