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[R&DL] Wolfram R&D LIVE: Nutrients by the Numbers -- Food and Nutrition Statistics

Posted 6 months ago

MODERATOR NOTE: This is the notebook used in the livestream "Nutrients by the Numbers" on Wednesday, January 17 -- a part of Wolfram R&D livestream series announced and scheduled here: Subscribe to @WolframRD on YouTube for more livestreams, exclusive VODs, creator presentations, behind-the-scenes insider videos, and so much more.

POSTED BY: Gay Wilson
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Posted 6 months ago

Thank you Gay for posting.

I noticed an unfamiliar entity that is created by the Interpreter. Its InputForm is:

Entity["Food", {EntityProperty["Food", "FoodType"] -> ContainsExactly[{
Entity["FoodType", "Elderberry"]}], 
  EntityProperty["Food", "AddedFoodTypes"] -> ContainsExactly[{}]}]

What kind of entity is this?

I suspect it's a compound Entity given the "plus" sign and its own icon.

The closest example I can find is in the first example in the "Scope" section in .

However the syntax is about the first argument, not the second argument.

POSTED BY: Dave Middleton

Thanks Dave for working with our post. The food entities have a unique design within the Wolfram Language, so I agree, it's a challenge to find comparable entities. The food entities can be more complex than other domains due to the many varieties of a single food that are possible. Our goal is to build entities for as many varieties of foods as feasible. Please send your input on Wolfram food data anytime. If I don't have the answer myself, I will be glad to research it.

POSTED BY: Gay Wilson
Posted 6 months ago

Thanks for the reply, Gay. I will look into the entity syntax and experiment with food and other entity types.

I named it a compound entity, but is there an official classification/name within Wolfram Research to address this type of Entity?

POSTED BY: Dave Middleton

We don't have an official name for food entities, but I did want to share this link to our documentation, which I hope will be helpful in your exploration of Wolfram Food: Food Entities and Properties.

Please keep us posted on your work!

POSTED BY: Gay Wilson

I'm looking forward to spending more time studying your Wolfram Community posts. There is much I can learn from those!

POSTED BY: Gay Wilson
Posted 6 months ago

Thank you Gay, for your kind words. You inspired me to look deeper into food entities and now I have acquired more knowledge on the subject.

POSTED BY: Dave Middleton

I just read your "Food and TaxonomicSpecies Entities" post, and it is brilliant! Thanks so much for publishing it to Wolfram Community.

POSTED BY: Gay Wilson

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