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Can I migrate my database from SQL Server 2012 to Wolfram Cloud?

Posted 10 years ago

I am using Mathematica home edition. My back end is SQL server 2012. I have automated most of my programs using Mathematica hence no manual interaction is required. But one unsolvable problem in that was I should always keep that system on. Now I can solve it through the Wolfram cloud. I want to take advantage of it.

My Question

I have my data in SQL. How can I migrate data from SQL to Wolfram cloud?

POSTED BY: Hari Ganesh
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Persuade Microsoft to create a VM for Mathematica on Azure Cloud Services.

Hi @Hari, I believe that it's not possible yet. See this post. We have to wait Data Science Platform.

I would like to do that too, but for now, this is available just in Private Cloud.

What OS you use? In windows you can use scheduled task to start a Mathematica Package, so you don't have to keep your MMA open.

POSTED BY: Rodrigo Murta
Posted 10 years ago

Thanks Rodrigo. Iam using both windows and Mac platforms. At present all my programs are executed through scheduled task in windows. Even though i use scheduled task to execute my programs, my system should be on at that time. So i should take care of my system for my programs to run well. If i move to cloud which is provided by mathematica i can have peaceful mind(I dont have to worry about any sort of interruption and maintenance).

POSTED BY: Hari Ganesh
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