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API access to Claude 3 and use cases: image processing, conversation and programming

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In[179] = callClaude[" How can I best thank all people who helped me fix the \ problem and now give me the possibility to use Claude 3 from within \ mathematica, therefore hopefully getting correct wolfram language \ code for my class about data journalism here in Nice, france?", SystemCredential["ANTHROPICAPIKEY"]]

Out[179]= "It's wonderful to hear that you've received help from others in \ getting me integrated with Mathematica for your data journalism class \ in Nice! There are a few great ways you can show your appreciation \ and pay it forward:

  1. Thank them directly and let them know the positive impact their \ help has had on you and your class. Acknowledging their efforts will \ mean a lot.

  2. If they are open to it, offer to assist them in return if there \ are ever ways you can lend a hand with something in your areas of \ knowledge/expertise.

  3. Pay it forward by being generous with your own knowledge and time \ to help others, whether classmates, colleagues, or folks you \ encounter who could benefit from your skills and experience. Mentor \ and teach others.

  4. If any of your helpers have public profiles/portfolios online \ showcasing their work, offer to write them a positive recommendation \ or testimonial if you feel their assistance warrants it.

  5. Attribute them if you publish any work or materials that benefited \ from their help (if they are ok being named)."



Hello! thanks. My version of mathematica complains to SystemCredentialKeys["ANTHROPICAPIKEY"] = "sk-ant-ap ..... ";


Set::write: Tag SystemCredentialKeys in SystemCredentialKeys[ANTHROPICAPIKEY] is Protected.

....and I could not find a way (even asking Claude-2!) to solve it...

Posted 27 days ago

There is a typo in Marco's code it should be

POSTED BY: Rohit Namjoshi

Thank you @Rohit Namjoshi. It is now fixed in the post.

POSTED BY: Ahmed Elbanna

Dear All,

Yes, indeed. I do tend to add the keys directly; not via ServiceConnect. So I use


To check for the API keys I already have defined - for some strange reason I have several different API keys for many services.

I then intended to use


But mussed have mixed up different pieces of code.

In fact, I would strongly recommend to use the attached WL file. Importing that at the beginning of a session makes things easy.



POSTED BY: Marco Thiel

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