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Mathematica 13 does not recognize FFmpeg installation in Windows 11

Posted 2 months ago

I am trying to install FFmpeg in Windows 11 and I did as suggested in this post:
The location of the FFmpeg shared gpl version for Windows is indicated in the PATH variable:


I tried other variants, restarted Mathematica, restarted the computer, but Mathematica does not recognize this installation and uses the bundled version of video decoders.

Actually, I don't need any augmented functionality, I just need to export a video in one of the available formats. However, this video is big (about 1 GB frames in the *.m format saved on disk) and I am getting a Memory Exception after about one hour of number crunching. And the computer has 32 GB RAM!


POSTED BY: Dmitry Garanin

Also, attempts of the suggested automatic installation of FFmpeg end with an error message.


POSTED BY: Dmitry Garanin
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