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Chips or fries? Exploring food synonyms with Wolfram Language

Posted 2 months ago

POSTED BY: Gay Wilson
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Thank you, Gay, for sharing!
I had an idea similar to this where we check popular groups of food ingredients based on recipes dataset. By the time I decided to start doing it, I couldn't find the dataset I needed available anymore. It is explained here:

POSTED BY: Ahmed Elbanna

Thanks Ahmed! I have looked at the MIT Recipe1M+ dataset before as well, but did not realize it is no longer available. I am getting an error message also when I try the link. I will look around for the dataset. It certainly would be useful to have. I'm planning to gather about 200 recipes that I can run through our new RecipeGraph resource function and then analyze the multiple graphs with Wolfram Language functions.

POSTED BY: Gay Wilson

That will be interesting. Looking forward to it.

POSTED BY: Ahmed Elbanna

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