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Possible resolution issue with MMA 12.2 -> 14.0 Win 10 Desktop Home

Posted 1 month ago

Version 14.0 recently upgraded from v 12.2 on a win 10 machine.

Version 12.2 worked well in most aspects, however version 14.0 looks like a large-print Reader's Digest. My monitor has:
1920 x 1080
Bit depth 8-bit
60 Hz
Color - RGB
Color Space - Std Dynamic Range (SDR)

With the following two commands in a notebook it's showing:

SystemInformation["Devices", "ScreenInformation"]

 points =  "FullScreenArea" /. First[SystemInformation["Devices", "ScreenInformation"]]


{{"ScreenArea" -> {{0, 1440}, {0, 810}}, "FullScreenArea" -> {{0, 1440}, {0, 810}}, "BitDepth" -> 32,  "Resolution" -> 96.}}

{{0, 1440}, {0, 810}}

These should match I should think. I have looked in StyleSheets, and various options, Font settings, a number of them 'greyed-out', with no obvious way to change the display from something my Great Grandpa would use, to something I would use, and did use, in version 12.2.

Changing the magnification is only temporary, and only a band-aid. I'm looking for a permanent fix, or a way I can make changes myself that will remain throughout each notebook.

For this go-around I opened and ran MMA as an administrator.

Ideas please?

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Fizixx :)
2 Replies

In 14.0? No. The only option is setting the Magnification globally to 75%. In 13.3 and earlier, you can opt back into the compatibility mode via CurrentValue[$FrontEnd, "ScreenResolutionCompatibilityMode"] = True.

The results from SystemInformation are in points (1/72nd of an inch), not pixels. If you do the conversion, they match the pixel dimensions of your display.

POSTED BY: Ian Hojnicki
Posted 1 month ago

Thanks Ian, I appreciate the feedback!

POSTED BY: Fizixx :)
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