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An Experiment to test General Relativity: Changing the speed of light by Electromagnetic Interaction

According a New Theory in Physics it is possible to change the speed of light without the use of lenses. It is possible to change the speed of light due to Electro-Magnetic Interaction in the cross-section between 3 Laser Beams with exactly the same frequency and the same phase correlation.

The New Theory in Physics predicts that the speed of light in the intersection of the 3 Laser Beams will change according the value for the speed of light c(x,y,z). In which the 3 Laser Beams are propagating in the respective x-, y-, and z-direction. One polarized (Electric Field in the x-direction) Laser Beam f1[x,y,z,] is propagating in the z-direction. The second polarized (Electric Field in the y-direction) Laser Beam f2[x,y,z] is propagating in the x-direction. The third Laser beam f3[x,y,z] is propagating in the y-direction.

In the cross section of the 3 Laser Beams due to "Electromagnetic Interaction" deformation takes of the original image takes place due to Electromagnetic Lensing. The speed of Light depends on the electromagnetic interaction between the 3 Laser Beams.

In this first experiment the 3 functions f1[x,y,z,], f2[x,y,z,] and f3[x,y,z,] are the constant field intensities K1, K2 and K3. The Electric Field Intensity in the cross section of the 3 Laser Beams equals:

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