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Interpolation of 3D point clouds (non-rectangular shape)

Posted 1 month ago


I have a 3D point cloud dataset and try to interpolate the surface based on these points. After I used the command "Interpolation" in Mathematica, I got the interpolated surface like this: enter image description here

I found the edge part of the interpolated surface is not correct, either goes up or down. Is there any good way to do interpolation with non-rectangular surface and get smooth edge like the following picture? Many thanks in advance. enter image description here

Here is the 3D point clouds.

POSTED BY: Liqin Jin
2 Replies

I get this plotting the Interpolation on your points:

enter image description here

I think you must be doing something different. Please show how you obtained your graphics.

POSTED BY: Michael Rogers
Posted 1 month ago

Hi Michael,

Thank you a lot for your reply. "tmp2" is the array of these 3D points, with the dimensions of {5850,3}. I just use the following command:

interpolateFunc = 
 Interpolation[Through@{Most, Last}[#] & /@ tmp2, 
  InterpolationOrder -> 2]; 

  PlotStyle -> Directive[Blue, PointSize[0.005]], 
  LabelStyle -> {FontSize -> 12}, 
  AxesLabel -> Thread@Text[{"X [m]", "Y [m]", "Z [m]"}], 
  BoxRatios -> Automatic, ImageSize -> 800], 
 Plot3D[interpolateFunc[x, y], {x, 1.601, 11.5}, {y, -.46, .2}]]

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Liqin Jin
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