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Can´t open a notebook with my own Stylesheet in other pc

Hi, i work in a notebbok with my own stylesheet but whem I open it on another computer the stylesheet doesn´t work. There any way to open on another computer stylesheet preserved? like notebooks from wolfram.

POSTED BY: Camilo Ramirez
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POSTED BY: Camilo Ramirez

If the Stylesheet is one that you have created on the first computer then it is local to that PC. The Stylesheet is not contained in the notebook unless you have created a private Stylesheet in that notebook using Format/Edit Stylesheet... menu item to create the private stylesheet local to that notebook.

So, in your case, when you move your notebook to another computer it will not find your Stylesheet.

One way around this is to actually make a private Stylesheet in your notebook using the style definitions from the Stylesheet you have created. To do this open that Stylesheet, copy all of its style definitions, then paste those style definitions into the private stylesheet of your notebook using the Format/Edit Stylesheet... menu item.

POSTED BY: David Reiss
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