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Solve::incnst: Inconsistent or redundant ... Mathematica 9

Bx1 = Px1 X1 - Py1 Yx1 - Pn1 nx1;  (* eq 1 *)
        Bx2 = 1/(1 + r) (Px2 X2 - Py2 Yx2 - Pn2 nx2);   (* eq 2 *)
        Lx = Simplify[Bx1] + 
            Bx2] + [Lambda]1 (Log[
               H] + [Delta] Log[nx1] + [Epsilon] Log[Yx1] - 
              X1) + [Lambda]2 (Log[
               H] + [Delta] Log[nx2] + [Epsilon] Log[Yx2] - X2);  (* eq 3 *)
       varsx = {X1, X2, Yx1, Yx2, nx1, nx2, [Lambda]1, [Lambda]2}; 
        Solve[Thread[D[Lx, #] & /@ varsx == 0], varsx]

This code generates me error

Solve::incnst: Inconsistent or redundant transcendental equation. After reduction, the bad equation is -Py2 Yx2+Px2 [Epsilon] == 0. >>

just give me the solution, as under

POSTED BY: Harvey Vargas

Click the blue >> to see information on the warning message. In this case, "This message is generated when Solve is used with degenerate transcendental equations or with transcendental equations that have no solution."

I think here it is saying that the equations are redundant.

A solution that matches the input is obtained.

In[8]:= equs /. %
Out[8]= {{True, True, True, True, True, True, True, True}}
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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