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Mathematica 10 "Formatting Notebook" instability

I installed a demo version of Mathematica 10 on a pc running Windows 7 professional 64 bit. When I started the software in went into an endless "Formatting Notebook" and never did start properly. I understand others have had this problem. How do I fix it?

POSTED BY: Orest Gogosha
2 Replies

Usually, this is associated with a large notebook or the Mathematica front end is struggling with too many things going on.

Try resetting the initialization files (

If that does not correct the problem, contact Technical Support ( Tell them how you start Mathematica, the symptoms (example: how long does Mathematica stay in this state), and include your Activation Key or License Number. It would be useful to know if you can run the Mathematica Kernel (

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller

I emailed tech support. You are just much more responsive than they are. At the suggestion was to remove wireless components so I installed the demo on my laptop that has a hard-wired monitor, keyboard, and touchpad, and running Widows 7, 64 bit. Mathematica 10 worked perfectly. No way to do this with my desktop.

POSTED BY: Orest Gogosha
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