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Plot output in Mathematica differs from output in Wolfram Alpha

Posted 10 years ago

I wanted to display a normal distribution curve and entered in Wolfram Alpha: normal distribution mean = 0 sd = 1 (see screenshot wa.png)

I then used free input in Mathematica and copy and pasted the same input. I chose PDF, which resulted in
PDF[NormalDistribution[0,1],x] I then selected plot which gave me an entirely different curve (see screenshot w.png).

What went wrong?

(Mathematica Output first, then Wolfram Alpha Output)

POSTED BY: Leo Hamminger
3 Replies

Add the option setting PlotRange -> All to your plot command.

POSTED BY: Frank Kampas
Posted 10 years ago

Try this to change the range like this {x,-4,4}:

Plot[E^(-(x^2/2))/Sqrt[2 \[Pi]], {x, -4, 4}]
POSTED BY: Dan Chevion
Posted 10 years ago

Thanks Frank, this helps. I need to work on the PDF as the Mathematica Output still differs from the Wolfram Output. At least the full curve gets now displayed.

@Dan: thanks, I also figured this out. However, the -4,4 - should come from an interactive Input.

POSTED BY: Leo Hamminger
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