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Mathematica 10 download

Posted 10 years ago

The new version 10 download for Linux is 2.5 Gb, but only 1.1 Kb downloaded. Anyone know of this? Because it doesn't work.

POSTED BY: miguel santos
5 Replies

Thousands of licensees did the download already, including me. It takes about 20 minutes if you have a stable and proper connection. In your case

  • the connection interrupted
  • you did not allow the operating system to proceed with the download (!?!)

By the way, you can use an older Mathematica version (if you have one) to check the check sum of the download mentioned on the download page.

POSTED BY: Udo Krause
Posted 10 years ago

I understand that can happen, uan disconnection or the OS does not allow it, but wonfram for windows if discharged well, try it on LINUX, WINDOWS, with firefox, google chrome, Internet Explorer, in different places in my house, at school, and everything happens the same thing you download for windows but not for linux

POSTED BY: miguel santos

you download for windows but not for linux

OMG; to do you a favour it has been done for linux. Download started around 09:55 local time


during the download it looked like this


and finished around 11:15 local time: here it is

V:DownLoads>dir/O:D Ma*

31.08.2014  11:16     2'696'938'273
               1 Datei(en),  2'696'938'273 Bytes
               0 Verzeichnis(se), 544'976'584'704 Bytes frei


let's check the check sum

In[183]:= SetDirectory[ FileNameJoin[{"V:", "DownLoads"}]]
Out[183]= "V:DownLoads"

In[193]:= IntegerString[FileHash["", "MD5"], 16, 32]
Out[193]= "5c7712ee4eaccd607cea26a326db7c30"

Excuse me if I'm continuing to ask dull questions, but

  • has the hard disc enough space free
  • are there some quota posed on your account by the internet provider
POSTED BY: Udo Krause
Posted 10 years ago

200 Gb free. has no limits, I've tried on Linux does not work on windows does not work on another network and the same in linux, in windows, on networks with firewall and network without firewall, all give the same result, only 10 for mathematica linux mathematica download for windows 10 works well

POSTED BY: miguel santos

Unbelievable awkward! Have you looked into the 1.1 kB snippet you manage to download with a hex editor? What it is? Have you searched for some log files about the connections, ssh protocols, windows systems messages, application errors (it depends from the operating system of course), browser download logs? Have you tried with a friend's computer? Do you have antivirus software, children's protection active? Have you used wire shark on that downloading connection? May be you can have a system administrator in your area having a look for you into this? Have you some strange character sets on your keyboard active? Do you run some local security policies? Do you run security enhanced linux (SE linux)?

POSTED BY: Udo Krause
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