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Can we calculate any indicator data shown by TradingChart?


A small edit of this question since I got no response at all. As you can see below Wolfram has loads of indicators that are build in the Wolfram language. However I can't find any function that actually returns the calculation..? On the web site you see all this nice stuff but these are as far as I can find only options for charting. I would have guessed that the Function


Would do the trick but you can't pass it any data..

enter image description here

So With

TradingChart[{"MSFT", {{2009, 1, 1}, {2009, 3, 31}}}, {"MACD"}]

we get a very nice chart like

trading chart example

I would like to get the data that's calculated to plot the "MACD" or any other indicator lines. Is that possible??



POSTED BY: l van Veen
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Just ran into this issue once again. It should be a quick bit of work to add the content of the support link to the documentation for FinancialIndicator.

POSTED BY: David Reiss

Yep. :) I totally agree.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke

I tried to track down an answer to this issue and found out about the FinancialIndicator function. But I gave up because I could not figure out how to actually use it. The documentation for FinancialIndicator does not actually state that it can be used as a function that then can act on data. But the support article that Sean posted the link for shows that this is so. It seems that the documentation for FinancialIndicator could use some updating to show how it is actually used in cases like this: such as the way it is described in the support article.

POSTED BY: David Reiss

Yes. For the most part you can use them outside of TradingChart. There is a short tutorial on this here:

My vague understanding is that this doesn't work for all indicators because some of them rely on exogenous factors that aren't provided by FinancialData.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke

Hi Sean, Thanks for your help. Just like David I just couldn't get to it but I was certain it should be possible. Certainly because Wolfram is advertising the Finance Platform and without this functionality it just wouldn't make any sense. The MACD is so standard (and easy to write yourself but I'm to lazy) and almost any software language offers that functionality. Glad that problem is solved!


POSTED BY: l van Veen
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