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Problem exporting Symbol type in Mathematica 10

Hello, I ran into a problem using Mathematica 10. I have a 2D Plot, I need one tick of an axis to be labeled with a somewhat complicated expression; in LaTeX I write it as $t_l + gamma$. I use the following command to have it printed on a plot within Mathematica (it works well):

Text[Row[{Style["!(*SubscriptBox[(t), (l)])", Italic, 
    FontFamily -> "Times", 12], Style["+", FontFamily -> "Times", 12], Style["g", FontFamily -> "Symbol", 12]}]]

If I export the plot (by using Export) as a pdf in Mathematica 9 everything is fine, it looks great. If I export the plot (by using Export or Save as) as a pdf in Mathematica 10 the "g" exports as a "g" and not as a $gamma$.

Any ideas why this is so? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

POSTED BY: Jorge Villalobos
4 Replies

No, not OCD, it makes perfect sense to have consistency of typography.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the change of the default style sheet from version 9 to version 10...

Either way, I think it should be reported as a bug.

Send a note to so they put it in their bus database.

POSTED BY: David Reiss

I'll do it ASAP. Thanks for your answers. GL

POSTED BY: Jorge Villalobos

I am not sure why this did not work for you, But, why not just use the Mathematica symbols for the Greek characters? See the attached PDF. --David

POSTED BY: David Reiss

Thanks for the answer David. To answer your question: I'm not using Mathematica symbols because they differ a little from the one LaTeX uses (I'm a bit on the OCD side regarding notation on scientific papers); so I want to have control on the types. I've generated the attached file with the following command: Plot[x, {x, 1, 4}, PlotLabel -> Style["\[Gamma] \[CapitalGamma]", 14], Frame -> True, FrameTicks -> {{{0, {2, Style["\[Gamma] \[CapitalGamma]", 12]}}, None}, {{{2, Text[Row[{Style["\!\(\*SubscriptBox[\(t\), \(l\)]\)", Italic, FontFamily -> "Times", 12], Style["+", FontFamily -> "Times", 12], Style["g", FontFamily -> "Symbol", 12]}]]}}, {{2, Style["\!\(\*SubscriptBox[\(t\), \(l\)]\)+\[Gamma]", 12]}}}}] as you can see there is an issue with the "Symbol" character.

I'm working with Mathematica 9 (the pdf looks great) so it is not a huge problem for me, but I just thought some one should look into it.

Thanks again!

POSTED BY: Jorge Villalobos
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