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Help needed to plot list of 10 million points

Posted 10 years ago

I am working on large dataset of size 10*10^6 and would like to visualize data. But it takes lot of time to plot. Any suggestions to plot fast without loss of data is appreciated. I also want to save the plot in pdf of optimal size and can be easily viewed.

For example:

x = RandomReal[{0, 2}, {10000000}];
y = RandomReal[{0, 100}, {10000000}];
ListLinePlot[{x, y}\[Transpose], PlotRange -> All] 

Thank You.

3 Replies

Mathematica creates vector graphics instead of raster graphics. Usually this is a good thing. But rending 10*10^6 data points in a vector graphic is a bit much. It's not that big of a deal usually when making a raster graphic.

Fortunately, you rarely - if ever - actually want to plot that many points. For the most part, you'll want to make a Histogram or a DensityPlot of some kind. Very often people plot many points instead of making a DensityPlot as a kind of stand in for a DensityPlot.

If rendering is actually the problem, you might want to work with Images instead of Graphics. You could implement a scatter plot for example fairly easily as an Image or an array using ArrayPlot.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
Posted 10 years ago

You might want to try hexagon binning. For some examples see While I'm unaware that Mathematica has an existing function for this, it would not be too difficult to write.

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Jim Baldwin
Posted 10 years ago

Tips for writing faster code

I also want to save the plot in pdf of optimal size and can be easily viewed.

Look at the documentation on PlotRange[].

POSTED BY: Gary Palmer
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