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Beginner Question: How to use DateListPlot to plot two FinancialData sets?

Posted 9 years ago
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I want to plot (just for fun) Gold and Silver on a date list plot. My code looks like this:

DateListPlot[{FinancialData["GLD", "Jan 1,2006"]}, {FinancialData["SLV", "Jan 1,2006"]}, Joined -> True, PlotLegends -> {"Gold", "Silver"}]

While Mathematica doesn't throw any errors, it also doesn't plot (or label) silver! My resulting plot looks like this:


Could anybody clue me in to what my error is?

POSTED BY: Andrew Robertson
2 Replies

You have some braces that you don't need. This will work:

DateListPlot[{FinancialData["GLD", "Jan 1,2006"], 
  FinancialData["SLV", "Jan 1,2006"]}, Joined -> True, 
 PlotLegends -> {"Gold", "Silver"}]

Use the braces to hold all of the series that you want to plot, not each individual one.


POSTED BY: Tim Mayes

Thanks a lot Tim!

POSTED BY: Andrew Robertson
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