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Export a "particular" table

Hi everyone, with mathematica I generated a table where, for each values of A and f I'm interested in, I get the corresponding values of X,Y,P,HPandHD. Now i would like to export this table in excel format (or i some format that i can manage to be put in my thesis). So I need a two dimensions table with f and A, where for each box I get the values of X,Y,P,HPandHD. See the picture for clarifications. Which command should i use?? If I use

Export["rotterdammm.xls", m, "XLS"]

my data get splitter in thousands sheets...Please help me!

enter image description here

Thank you very much

POSTED BY: Filippo Roda
Posted 10 years ago

I think you can use the Flatten command to export your table as you need it.

Can you put the table that you get in Out[ 11]? For that the other people in this forum can manipulate that table and can help you achieve your goal, recalls that it is more easy to share your table like this in mathematica should be no photo, greetings

POSTED BY: Luis Ledesma
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