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Call for Submission : International Mathematica Symposium 2015

Posted 10 years ago

IMS 2015 will be held in January in Prague.

It is an interdisciplinary conference for and by users of Mathematica in the physical and life sciences, mathematics, engineering, graphics and design, arts and music, education, industry, finance, and commerce. It is a rare opportunity to share your results with like-minded colleagues. Moreover, IMS has built up a deserved reputation as an exceptionally convivial and friendly gathering. Abstract-based submissions are welcome until end of September. Visit for more information.

POSTED BY: yves papegay
3 Replies

This is a last call for enter image description here

September 30, 2014 - Abstract Submission

Check out the keynote speakers:

enter image description here

In case you are interested, I expect to unveil there the steps to create compelling animations and 3D-printed sculptures using Mathematica.

enter image description here

I hope to see you there,


POSTED BY: Bernat Espigulé

IMS is an excellent opportunity to present research and teaching applications of Mathematica, collected together in the online proceedings, with selected papers to appear in The Mathematica Journal.

POSTED BY: Paul Abbott

From the link above, one of the keynote speakers is Michael Trott, speaking on,
Mathematical and scientific data in the Wolfram Language

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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