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Expanding and simplifying symbolic expression

Posted 10 years ago

Hi everyone

I have a question regarding to symbolic expressions.

For example: I have two symbolic equations.

y = (x1/L1)+P1

z = (x2/L2)+P2

where all the variables in these two equations are symbolic parameters.

Is there a way to define these variables as symbolic parameters in Mathematica same as the way using "syms" function in Matlab? Then I can do expansion and simplification when I add, subtract, multiply or divide these equations.

These two equations are just simple examples, I have some very complicated equations which I need to manipulate with.

Can anyone help me and give me advice please.

Thank you very much


POSTED BY: Tommy Yip

I am slightly puzzled by this question. I quickly reviewed the Matlab syms function. And it's purpose seems to be to declare a parameter to be symbolic in a technical computing system, Matlab, which largely assumes that all parameters are numerical. Of course, this is quite the opposite in Mathematica. Perhaps however your question is asking about whether one can declare particular parameters to be, for example, real, integers, and so on. For this, read about the Assumptions option to various functions as well as the $Assumptions parameter.

If this is not addressing your question, then please give a more detailed explanation of what you want to achieve.

POSTED BY: David Reiss
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