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Cross correlation

Posted 10 years ago

I am trying to do cross correlation. Following is the program, I am trying to run


since y2 is 8 element array, I should get a vector output of a 17 element array, but I am getting a single value in both cases. Can I get a suggestion on how to proceed further?

POSTED BY: manu gaurav
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hi david

thankyou, it worked

regards manu

POSTED BY: manu gaurav

The simplest version of ListCorrelate, ListCorrelate[ker,list], only runs the kernel with respect to the list across the range where there is no overlap with the end points. But there are a variety of additional argument forms that allow additional behaviors.

As you read though the documentation you will come across this form:

ListCorrelate[y2, y2, {-1, 1}, 0]

this allows maximal overhang at both ends of the kernel (y2 in your case) with the list (y2 as well) and pads the ends past the overhang with 0s. This gives

{8, 23, 44, 70, 100, 133, 168, 204, 168, 133, 100, 70, 44, 23, 8}
POSTED BY: David Reiss
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