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A simple problem with the new version of Mathematica. (units)

Simple Question: I have just started using Mathematica 10. In the older versions using Units was easier. Just << `Units and you could calculate F=m*a using grams and centimeters, just like by hand. How do you do that in Mathematica 10 i.e. How do I calculate:

F= 10 gm * 980 cm/sec^2, and get an answer in dynes?

POSTED BY: Rob Brown
3 Replies
Posted 10 years ago

Syntax clumsy but at least the formula is built-in.

a = Quantity[4*10^14, "Hz"];
b = Quantity[273, "Kelvin"];
FormulaData[{"PlanckRadiationLaw",  "Frequency"}, {QuantityVariable["\[Nu]","Frequency"] -> a,  QuantityVariable["T","Temperature"] -> b}]

I(\[Nu])==2.728045498776555*10^-37 kg/(s)^2
POSTED BY: Douglas Kubler
Posted 10 years ago


UnitConvert[ Quantity[10, "Grams"]*Quantity[980, "Centimeters"]/ Quantity[("Seconds")^2], Quantity["Dynes"]]

(for F= 10 g and not F= 10 gm)

POSTED BY: Vorname

Thanks for the quick response. That way of doing things makes sense, but it was a lot easier the old way. I suppose they had their reasons for changing things, but it seems to me that at least leaving the easier, more straightforward way would be a lot better. For instance, can you think what it would look like to use that kind of syntax to calculate the black body radiation formula. Anyway, thanks. Your response really helped.

POSTED BY: Rob Brown
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