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Any efficient VERTEX ENUMERATION packages available?

Posted 10 years ago

Sometimes I need to do vertex enumerations on Mathematica. There used to be a VertexEnum.m package, even though it is very old and lacks of efficiency. However, after upgrading to Mathematica 10, this package doesn't work any more. Are there an latest VertexEnum.m package working with the latest version of Mathematica or any other packages doing the vertex enumeration job?


I have fixed the bug in package VertexEnum.m and now it works in Mathematica 10. But the efficiency of this package drives me crazy. I looked into the package and found that package VertexEnum.m have a much more efficient C implementation named cddlib. It has a prebuilt interface to Mathematica called cddmathlink or cddmathlink2. However, it was compiled about 10 years ago, and dose not work on the lasted OS X 10.9. So my question is who has latest version of cddmathlink or cddmathlink2 which works in latest Mathematica or who can recompile the interface to Mathematica for me on OS X 10.9. (I have been trying to recompile it by myself for almost a month, but apparently I'm not that material at all.) For more information about cddlib, you may find its homepage here.

Posted 9 years ago

Hello, I also work with the same package and recently I have updated to mathematica 10. I wonder if it is possible to download your fixed version of VertexEnum.m ?


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