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How do I replace some elements of my list? {{a,b},{c,d}} ->{{1,b},{2,d}}

Hi, I want replace some elements of my list "res" .

res = {{{a,b},{c,d},{e,f}}}

lis ={{1,2,3}}

I 'd like obtein :

rep = {{{1,b},{2,d},{3,f}}}

How to do with the command ReplacePart?

Thanks a lot

5 Replies

Hi Marco, I have applied your suggestions in my problems. I have another questions for a similar cas " ReplaceAll[res, MapThread[Rule, {res[[1, All, 1]], lis[[1]]}]]".

I have GG1 = {{0.220067, 0.440134, 0.634358, 0.828582, 1.}, {0.220067, 0.440134, 0.634358, 0.828582, 1.}}

res = {{{0.117779, 0.406482}, {0.235558, 0.333125}, {0.339506, 0.464985}, {0.443454, 0.544808}, {0.535196, 0.61788}}, {{0.117779, 0.406482}, {0.235558, 0.333125}, {0.339506, 0.464985}, {0.443454, 0.544808}, {0.535196, 0.61788}}}

If I do :

ReplaceAll[res, MapThread[Rule, {result[[All, All, 1]], GG1 }]] it doesn't run. Why? result[[All, All, 1]] and GG1 have the same dimensions. The problem occurs because res has too many parenthesis?

Thank you

Cheers, Margherita

Thank you a lot. Cheers, Margherita

Again, I am not sure whether you want MapThread here. You could try Map:

Map[Select[#, # <= 2 &] &, res]

or the short hand notation for that same thing:

Select[#, # <= 2 &] & /@ res



POSTED BY: Marco Thiel

Hi, very good reponse. You are right, I haven't need use "ReplacePart".

I notice that you have practice with Mapthread. So, I could ask you another question. If I use MapThread for Select, where is the position of select condition (I 'd like create a list where the elements are <=2) ? for exemple If I have this:

"res1= {1,2,3}" the command will be "Lat = Select[ res1 , #<=2. &];"

but with res= {{1,2,3},{1,2,3},{1,4,5}} . Which is the command to have:

Lat = {{1,2},{1,2},{1,}}

MapThread[Select, res] (where is the position for the select condition?)

Thank you.



here is a solution with ReplaceAll

ReplaceAll[res, MapThread[Rule, {res[[1, All, 1]], lis[[1]]}]]

and here is one without Replace at all:

Transpose[{lis[[1]], res[[1, All, 2]]}]

Cheers, Marco

PS: Do you really need ReplacePart?

POSTED BY: Marco Thiel
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