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Stars as known to alpha

Posted 10 years ago

I asked 'what are stars closer than 10 ly'

and received a reply detailing the 'stars' of some show called 'Closer' that I've never heard of. You'd think that a query about stars, in a program developed by a mathematician would default to replies about actual stars, and not about some nondescript bunch of puffed up professional liars.

I then added the work 'astronomy' to the beginning of the query. Amazingly, or not so as I've come to believe - same result.

Is there a way I can coerce this software into giving up it's apparent obsession with stage and screen?

I would add 'lol', but 'grrrrrr' comes more naturally...

POSTED BY: Ron Williams
2 Replies

You may also be interested in following the thread that I just started here:

POSTED BY: David Reiss

"nearby stars" works well.

But, for each of your tries so far, go to the "giv us your feedback" box at the bottom of WolframAlpha and indicate that you expected the query to parse properly. The parser in Wolfram Alpha is an evolving thing and the WolframAlpha team adds new linguistic interpretation syntaxes partially based on user feedback.

And, by the way, your query should be in their linguistics since a related query might be something more detailed like

"stars between 30 and 50 ly from us"

POSTED BY: David Reiss
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